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Object: Earn an impressive reputation, then win the season!

I get killed all the time when I visit a recovery room or ammo store.

When your character reaches 500 in reputation you are no longer protected from being backstabbed. The principle reason for getting killed by another player is because you expose yourself in recovery rooms and ammo stores. To minimize the risk of this happening you can get your own ammo store and recovery room. Be sure to set the "max reputation" in your recovery room/ammo store settings to slightly above your own reputation. This will prevent players with a higher reputation from entering your recovery room/ammo store. But remember, this is not completely safe because a character's reputation is a combination of his strength, intelligence, tolerance and money but does not include other variables such as weapons, armor or equipment worn. Also be careful when accepting friend invites, this will grant them the opportunity to backstab you.

Is it safe to use my credit card or internet bank transfer on this site?

It is perfectly safe to use your credit card for the Wanted Fan Immersion Game. Your transactions are handled by the well known secure service Paynova, you can read more about Secure online payments on their website at . We do NOT store ANY credit card information nor Internet Bank information.

If you are in doubt, there are two security validation options to make certain your purchase is safe and secure:

1. Paynovas control that Stillfront AB which runs the Wanted Fan Immersion Game is a certified merchant.

2. Trustwave that Paynova is a security certified financial institute. (

These security validation options are available with Paynova before you enter any credit card or internet bank information. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of credits for the Wanted Fan Immersion Game, do not hesitate to contact us via our forums or by mail.

I did not receive any registration confirmation e-mail.

Please check your junk/spam folder. It might take a couple of mintues for the e-mail to arrive.

How do I raise my reputation?

Since you are pretty much a nobody in the world of the fraternities to start out, the best way to begin gaining a respectable reputation for yourself is to visit the “Loom” and complete some of the assignments you’ll find there. This will cost you some endurance, but will also earn you cash.

How do I get endurance?

By visiting the "Recovery rooms" section with some kind of a healer such as masseuse or acupuncture. You pay the bill, relax, and gain endurance. But beware! Some of them can give you a bad treatment and hurt you instead. If they hurt you really bad you’ll end up in the "Emergency room".

There is one staff member who will heal you without any risk. “The Russian”. He can be visited by all, but only bought by a premium player. When you have used “The Russian” 4 times you have to visit the “Paraffin bath worker” to neutralize yourself before you can visit “The Russian” again. Should you fail to do so you will get one more chance, after that you will be locked up in the ER without exception.

If you need more information about gaining endurance, please click here.

How do I get a weapon?

You can buy weapons at the “Gunsmith Armory” section. Buying weapons will make it much easier to carry out the Loom hits, which you will need to continue to do in order to improve your reputation as well as increase your strength, tolerance, reputation, intelligence and money (STRIM) . This will allow you to move on to the more challenging assignments. But if you have a weapon, you must also have ammunition! So, that leads us to the question:

How do I get firepower?

There are a few different ways to get the ammo that you need. The first one is to go to the "Ammunition Artisans" and enter a store. You may have to bribe the guy at the door to get into the back of the store, where they sell the good stuff. When you buy the ammo that is for sale in that store, it is automatically equipped and loaded into your gun. After you have gained some money, you will have the option of purchasing your own ammunition factory in "Fronts", if you wish, which would give you all the firepower you need. But to reload your gun you must still buy the ammo from your store or somebody else’s store. Buying your own ammo factory also allows you to sell ammunition to the ammo dealer and broker for some extra cash. Just visit the ammo dealer to purchase large quantities of ammunition to sell in your stores. Remember, this ammunition will not be automatically equipped into your weapon, because you must be in a store to load your weapon.

If you need more information, please click here.

How do I buy a factory or a store?

You can purchase factories to make ammunition or stores to sell ammunition in the “Fronts” section.

How do I mess with the other player characters?

The stores also serve as a way to bring players together so that they can meet, which forms a temporary connection that will make it possible to “Backstab” ‘em or “Sabotage” their buildings and staff. You’ll earn STRIM if things go well. If they don’t, you’ll lose some. Remember, at any time you can fail with a hit, sabotage, loom or story encounter. When this happens, you can get hurt which will land you in the emergency room or “Hideout”. Or worse, the opponent may kill you. If any of this happens you’ll lose some STRIM. The only money you'll lose in these situations is what you have in your wallet. The money in the “Vault” is safe.

What is the “Story” section?

This is where your talents will be put to the test as you are dragged into the deep, dark world where you just don’t know who can be trusted or who is telling you the truth. You will be put up against some much more difficult opponents than those you encounter from the Loom assignments, people who have been in this business a lot longer than you and know their shit. You’ll gain STRIM as you complete each encounter, which must be done in order to advance to the next level.

How do I get more money?

After you’ve gotten yourself some cash, you can spend it on factories that produce ammo. You can then sell the ammo to the wholesaler in the "Ammunition Artisans" section, to the "Broker" or in you store. You can also buy staff, they produce a daily income and you can collect money from them. In order to get money in the first place, however, you could try doing some Loom assignments, or try to beat the next story encounter. Successful sabotaging of your fellow players can also earn you some STRIM. Jumping your fellow players can get you some of the green stuff too.

What happens if I die or get hurt?

If you get hurt or even worse, die, you can spend up to 4 Wanted days (24 h irl) in recovery in the emergency room, or you can make a small payment with credits to get special care and be released right away. Same thing if you are in the hide out, you will have to wait up to 4 Wanted days or get released by paying a small amount of credits so that somebody else will take the fall for what you did.

What are Action Points?

To be able to get into a recovery room or an ammo store, you will have to use Action Points. You will only be assigned a limited number of Action Points each day, use them wisely.

What happens with my credits when the season is over?

Nothing! You keep all credits that you bought previous season.

I have a 30 day Premium account, what happens in between seasons?

Your 30 day premium account will be prolonged the days in between seasons. You don't lose a day.

How do I bribe my way out of hideout?

You can bribe the fall guy with cash. The bribe has to be large enough to be acceptable. If it's not, the fall guy will just take your cash and turn his back on you.

How does a meeting room challenge work?

You can always choose to accept or decline a challenge. It costs 15 Firepower and 10 Endurance to challenge someone. The only thing you will lose (if you are defeated) is 5 minutes in the Emergency room. Should you win a challenge you will win 100$

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